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There are times in life that require a little more than kindness in magical practices.

Sometimes it is necessary to say enough is enough, no more Ms. Niceguy. This website is dedicated to those times when nothing less than a hexing would do.

Mostly it is the need for political hexes and personal protection hex spells that are called for. It is no light matter, and should be taken with the utmost seriousness.

In this world there are forces much greater than ourself, and equal to ourselves. You have the power to make change. To make a difference. Hexing is use of that power. It's not necessarily dark, and should be seen as very intense form of magic intended to bring about a change.

Use it wisely.

Historical Hex

In 1941, a group calling themselves the Voodoo Hexing Party gathered before the photographers of LIFE magazine to perform a ritualistic and visually communicative hexing ritual against Adolph Hitler.

Hexing Spell Begins
The Hexing Spell Begins

Then, they move indoors and begin to prepare the symbolic props for the hex ritual.

Hex preparation

It is a casual atmospere, but the intentions are focused as they create the effigy of Hilter.

Women performing voodoo hex

The women dressed in their VooDoo gowns begin the Hex Spell.

Voodoo drums for hex

Drums call to the ancient-self and to the ancestors.

Hilter is Hexed

Hilter is Hexed.

Hexing voodoo doll

VooDoo Doll is charged with Hexing energies.

Hexing pain

This woman inflicts pain with a nail on the effigy doll of Hitler.

Hexing spell is cast

The VooDoo Hex against Hilter is cast.

Now ask yourself ... what year did the war end? When was it that Hitler was stopped?




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