Hex spells

Hex spells

If someone hurts you, you look for a way to exact revenge. Curse spells, also known as hex spells, have proven to be very effective for this problem. Hex spell sends negative energy and bad luck to the person you want to take revenge on. Before they know it, they may be victims of a well-earned curse.

A hex spell is a special type of spell, usually associated with black magic that can be inflicted on another person. However, the hex spell can also be found in various forms of magic, including voodoo. Hex spells are much contested in the magic community. Some do not believe in using them because, since they are placed on someone without their permission, the spell is considered to be imposed on someone’s free will. However, other witches and spell casters believe that hex spells are necessary because when someone does something wrong, they need to be punished in order to learn from their mistake. Either way the hex spell remains one of the most effective ways to exact revenge.

Hex Spells for Revenge

Hex spells are almost always used for revenge purposes. A hex spell is only placed on someone if they hurt you or others. If you’re trying to punish someone who hurt you, you’re by definition retaliating. Hex spells for revenge can be very powerful and compelling, so you should be sure of your intentions before you cast the spell. Although hex spells can be broken, they are much harder to break than other spells that do not use manipulation.

Hex Spells and Curses

Hex spells and curses are very powerful which is why they can be dangerous. Any spell that impairs one’s free will or uses manipulation in any way is a risky spell to perform. When someone is not open to a spell and has a cast on them, there can be an internal struggle that can occur. If this struggle is strong, it can interfere with the spell. If such a spell is cast incorrectly or something goes wrong during the casting process, it can backfire on you. For hexes and curses, this can be very risky because in this case what you are trying to impose on others is probably not what you want on yourself.

How to Hex Someone

Anyone who asks someone how to spell hex should be sure of what they are asking. When it comes to hex spells, as mentioned above, dangerous reactions can occur. Instead of finding ways to cast these spells or curses on yourself, it is best to seek advice from a skilled spell caster. Spell casters who have been practicing their magic for some time know more about the nature of such spells and can guide you on how to cast them yourself or whether you should have a spell caster do it for you.

What You’ll Need?

A Candle

Black candles are the most common for hexing because they are usually used to remove negativity or bring it back to someone else, but you can swap out the black for a white candle (which represents purity), a pink candle (love and compassion) or a green candle (healing). You can if you want to direct your energy with a more positive spell.

A Picture of The Person You are Hexing (optional)

For the 2016 Mass Hex, many participants used an image of Turner and channeled their energy toward various outcomes (impotence being one of the most popular). But as Vanderbeck explains, a hex can also be used for good, such as sending healing vibes to survivors.

Black String (also optional)

The black string and photo are used for binding, essentially binding a person to your spell, Vanderbeck explains, adding that it’s even more important if you have a curse.

How to Cast a Hex?

Write What You Want to Say

It can be whatever you want, as long as you’re sure to focus your energy on your specific objectives and include the name of the person you’re hexing, if you know it. No, you don’t have to rhyme.

Choose a Place that is Quiet and Free from Distractions

Like, somewhere your roommate won’t enter “It’s about feeling really comfortable and like you can focus,” Vanderbeck says.

Engrave The Person’s Name on Your Candle

Carve the name of the person you’re hexing, or in the case of a healing group hex, you can go more general (like “sexual assault survivor”)-on the candle using something pointed. If you’re feeling advanced, you can create your own magical symbols or sigils.

Light The Candle

Most of people think the candle is necessary, but I think it gives you something to focus on. The real power behind the spell is your intention and you’re really sending those vibes out there,” says Vanderbeck.

Hex Spells That Work

Successfully casting a hex spell takes a great deal of magical understanding and practice. Amateurs or 2nd time magic dabblers should never try their hand at hex. Accordingly, there is a concern that is popping up because unlike numerous other spells that are recommended for welfare-hex spells are specifically meant to apply negativity to life. The effects of hex spells are always dangerous – from tragic damage to ill health and sometimes even death.


However, related to the fourth concern mentioned above – you should be extremely careful to get all the facts straight before you cast a hex spell on a person. Also, don’t let an inflated and partial view blind your sense of justice. This is because if a hex spell is cast on an innocent person, the spell caster must bear the damage which would be quite a thing.

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