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List of Hex Spells That Work

Consequently, hex spells are based on the Law of Karma. If you harm a person unnecessarily, you will face the same consequences 3 times. Hex spells that work are many and varied. Basically, virtually any type of spell that is intended to bring bad luck or cause damage to the victim – hex spells fall under this category. Furthermore, the most common hex spells that work are grief spells, revenge spells, nightmare spells, death spells and more.

Putting a Hex on Someone

Furthermore, before you perform hex spells, ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I really have to punish this person (victim of hex spell)?

2) Did he actually do something unethical and unethical?

3) Is he indifferent or happy about the effects he brings about through his evil actions?

4) Am I particular about the whole event or do I hold a partial view of the whole thing?

5) Am I getting a strong sensation from within that this person should be punished to ensure justice?

If the answer is yes to all the questions, you can proceed with the hex spell. There is nothing wrong with casting a hex spell to work on a child abuser.

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